Thursday, November 1, 2007


Why everything does seem so wrong?
Suppose to be doing what ought too but not able to move on.
Always trying to please others but what about one?
Doing right, doing truth, doing positive truths?
Hard to stop, hard to change, hard to remove a stain,
Feeling dumb, knowing truth but what is holding back?
Feeling bad, feeling sad or just regret?
Moving on in faith maybe that’s all I need.

Time for change, time to exchange one friend,
Does hope lies in return for respect?
What are friends where none are seen?
Hope and regret remains constant,

Acting fine, acting right,
Acting like there’s no pain inside,
But who knows, who cares,
That all not alien to me. Not?

What is said is not meant,
What is shown in not felt,
What is heard is not said,
Can words say more than it meant?

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