Wednesday, August 13, 2008


As the waves crashes in,
I feel myself drowning in a sea that seem so calming yet deadly,
As i look around for help,
I see blurry images,
How i wish a strong arm would just lift me out,
As i drown deeper and deeper,
I feel the air supply cut off from my lungs,
Shouting seems impossible right now, will it even make a difference?
How did this even happened?
Wait, how can i differenciate these tears as the water engulfs me?
I can't seem to understand,
Should i act as if nothing happened?
And put on a mask of joy and laughter,
When i can actually feel the inside of me crumble to the ground,
As i look up to the light shinning through,
I see a cloud of hope with streams of despair,
I surrender to the one above.
Jesus Save Me.