Thursday, November 8, 2007

The rain is falling on my window pane...

Day pass by just as the wind sweep by,
Meaningless or meaningful?
No one truly knows.

What makes life so special?
When what is seen is not always true,
Does a picture truly show the truth?
Or maybe a shell to the truth,
A cover up,
A shield from the bitter truth.

Why must pain hurt?
Why do we bleed?
Yet there’s no wound,
A picture of a pain,
Without an obvious scar.

Laughing out loud,
Crying inside, softly,
How can anyone truely know?
The rain is falling on my window pane. As I look out I see the world pass by yet I feel the moment stand still. The time silenced, paused as I stand there wondering how life has truly changed. How the choices we make in life has truly affected us.

As I lay down to sleep every night, I wished I could just close my eyes and drift off to a land where pain and hurt exist not. A place I could be truly who I am. Am I who I truly am or has the world, people, circumstances around me changed me to become someone I myself hardly know anymore?

Monday, November 5, 2007


Homesick is the distress or impairment caused by an actual or anticipated separation from the specific home environment or attachment objects. Feelings of longing are often accompanied by anxiety and depression. These symptoms may range from mild to severe.
That’s the definition given by the Wikipedia encyclopedia.

Many people around us experience it in some moments in our life but why some much more than others? Are they too attached to their family or is it just a mental state of the mind? I believe that is just depends on the individual themselves. Some are brought up closely attach to their parents and loved one but does that really justify their reasons? What about those in the same situation but are able to withstand the temptation of jumping onto the next bus home?

Maybe those people are just pampered from young or could not withstand the stress and problems in life. Thus, they retreat back home in order to obtain comfort and assurance but is this healthy? What about when they are left alone in this world? What would happen to them then? Will they be able to endure it all? Or resort to disturbing endings?

On the other hand, what about those who do not get homesick? Or at least they get over it in a considerable or normal time length. I believe they are the stronger people in life who are able to go through life challenges without withering or faulting. They would be the ones most outstanding and able to look fear in the eye and smile.
Yupz…That’s what I think. :)

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Why everything does seem so wrong?
Suppose to be doing what ought too but not able to move on.
Always trying to please others but what about one?
Doing right, doing truth, doing positive truths?
Hard to stop, hard to change, hard to remove a stain,
Feeling dumb, knowing truth but what is holding back?
Feeling bad, feeling sad or just regret?
Moving on in faith maybe that’s all I need.

Time for change, time to exchange one friend,
Does hope lies in return for respect?
What are friends where none are seen?
Hope and regret remains constant,

Acting fine, acting right,
Acting like there’s no pain inside,
But who knows, who cares,
That all not alien to me. Not?

What is said is not meant,
What is shown in not felt,
What is heard is not said,
Can words say more than it meant?